Cancellation Policy


  • Passengers can cancel the ride without any penalty if the cancellation is done within five minutes of booking the ride. 
  • After the initial grace period of five minutes if the passenger wants to cancel then the cancellation fee (twenty-five percent of the fare fixed earlier) will, be applicable to the passengers. 
  • For advanced bookings beyond 2 to 15 hours/one day, passengers are eligible for a full refund if the cancellation is made one hour before the pickup time. 
  • If the cancellation is done after the specified time limit, then a cancellation fee of (25%) of the agreed fixed fare shall be collected from the passengers. 
  • If the passenger was unable to show up at the pick-up point which registered earlier within 3 minutes or unable to connect with the driver/owner of the vehicle, it will be treated as an enable/no-show. In such a case, the full fare will be charged as a cancellation fee from the customer. 
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances like natural calamity, strikes, or other emergencies,  passengers may cancel their rides without any penalty. In such situations, passengers are requested to inform Eviman Transport Pvt. Ltd. as soon as possible to avoid penalty Please note that these cancellation policies are subject to change in specific circumstances and may vary depending upon the time and type of ride.
  • Eviman Transport Pvt. Ltd. shall be obligated to the passengers to review the cancellation policies before confirming the ride/ journey. 


  • Once the owner / authorized representative/ driver of the vehicle accepts a ride request by  APP, he is liable to complete the assigned ride. 
  • If the owner/ authorized representative/ driver of the vehicle needs to cancel a ride, it should be done immediately or within a period of 2 minutes specified by Eviman Transport Pvt. Ltd.  Cancellation within this specified time may not incur any penalty.  
  • The owner / authorized representative/ driver of the vehicle may cancel a ride in case of emergency /inconvenience such as vehicle breakdown, mechanical defects, or other unavoidable situation, but it should be intimated immediately to Eviman Transport Pvt. Ltd. by the owner / authorized representative/ driver of the vehicle with sufficient proof, within 5  minutes of cancellation otherwise penalty will be imposed. 
  • If an owner / authorized representative/ driver of the vehicle needs to cancel a ride, then he/she should communicate to the rider/passenger immediately about the cancellation. ∙ Excessive cancellation or rejection of ride requests may lead to temporary suspension or termination of alliance with Eviman Transport. Pvt. Ltd.
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